School uniforms promote a feeling of community. Uniforms are compulsory at Emmanuel and students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times. Our school uniform shop sells all uniform items except shoes, please see them list below. Crested bags can also be purchased via the uniform shop. You are welcome to walk in during the opening times below or if you’d like to avoid the queue, you can send orders via email:

Your order will be processed and payment instructions provided. Notification will be given when it is ready to collect from reception. If you have any further enquiries please contact the Uniform Shop.

Regular Opening Times (during the school terms)

  • Mondays: 2.00PM – 4.00PM
  • Thursdays: 8.15AM – 11.00AM

Secondary Formal Jacket Order

Uniform Shop is taking orders on the Formal Jacket for Year 7 to 11 students. Submit your order form with payment (cash only) to the Uniform Shop by Thursday, February 15. Jacket will be available in Term 2.

Summer Uniform

ALL students are required to wear their SUMMER uniform in Term 1.

2024 Term 1 & 2 Primary School Sport Uniform

ALL Primary School students are required to wear their SPORT uniform on the sport day(s). In 2024 Term 1 and 2,

  • all Primary School student except Year 4 students will wear their SCHOOL BLUE SPORT POLO SHIRT on their sport days below
Primary School Sport Days

Primary School Uniform Policy

Black school shoes

Whilst most parts of the uniform are being worn as required, staff have observed that a growing number of children are not wearing the correct black school shoes. Some children are wearing hybrid shoes that resemble black sport shoes rather than the traditional black school shoes. These hybrid options are not correct school uniform. The shoes must be the traditional black leather style, be polishable and also have a distinct heel. Most brands have laces but Velcro straps are acceptable. As outlined in the policy, the Mary Jane black leather shoe is also acceptable for girls to wear. Please check the Uniform Policy and Letter to parents for more details.

Primary School Faction Shirt

Did you order the Faction Shirt?

  • Delivery of the faction polo shirts are expected to arrive in the 1st week of Term 3.
  • If you placed an order, you will be contacted to collect your faction shirt from the Uniform Shop.
  • If you need to purchase the sport uniform, please visit the Uniform Shop as soon as possible or email order ( if you know your sizes.
  • Please inform your child's classroom teacher via a note or email if you have not received your ordered faction shirt yet.

Price Lists & Order Forms

Price lists are updated 1 April 2022 and subject to change without notice.

Sport Uniforms

Students must wear their school sport uniform or faction shirt on their sport day(s).

Primary School

From the beginning of Term 3, all Year 1 to 6 students must wear their faction shirt or school blue polo shirt on their sports day(s) which are listed below:

Secondary School

Friday is a House Competition Day. All Secondary students may wear their Emmanuel faction polo shirt and Physical Education shorts on Friday. Students without their faction shirt on Friday must wear their formal uniform. The Physical Education shirt is not to be used in place of a Faction shirt on Friday unless its in a Physical education class. Like last year should students have PE in their last period then they may be allowed to go home without changing.

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer (Details in the Uniform Shop)
  • EFTPOS card
  • Credit card
Uniform Shop Ordering Procedure
Second-Hand Uniforms

We encourage the parents join the private parent Facebook group page "ECCS Echo". Parents can network with other parents, sell and buy secondhand school items and stay up to date with our EPF activities. ECCS Echo group page is strictly for parents of current ECCS students only.

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