Year 5 – 12 students are required to own a specified device, purchased through our school’s official computer supplier. The following families will need to purchase a new device, the Lenovo 500w (pictured):

  • Those with children who are new to Emmanuel.
  • Those who need a new device because their child’s current one is barely/not functional/compliant.

To purchase this device, you must go online and purchase using credit card, BPAY or through a monthly payment plan. The cost is as indicated on the JB Solution for Education purchasing page.

The procedure below outlines the steps to follow.

  1. Open your internet browser and enter Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome to access this site. This will take you to the home page which says: ‘JB Solution For Education’.
  2. Select the two labelled tabs and hit the SELECT DEVICE button. The first tab says: From Year 5 to Year 12. When you click the small circle on the tab, it will turn green and a new tab will appear below it. It says: School Pickup. Click it, wait till it turns green and then hit the SELECT DEVICE button.
  3. Select the ‘Add to Cart’ button. When you select this button, another screen appears with device highlighted in a green-lined rectangle along with the price with GST incl.
  4. Click the GO TO PERSONAL DETAILS button. A personal details page appears.
  5. Go to New Customer section, hit CONTINUE button and fill in details. When you hit CONTINUE, a Personal Details section appears. Type in and confirm both your email address and password, then hit the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  6. Fill in the billing details and student details boxes. As you fill in each field, the boxes turn green. When you have completed both sections, hit the GO TO REVIEW ORDER button.
  7. Check order summary info and then click PROCEED TO PAYMENT button. Make sure you tick the Agree to Terms and Conditions field first otherwise you cannot proceed!
  8. Choose your payment option and fill in your payment details. Most people use credit card or BPAY but there is an option to pay with monthly repayments. If you choose this option, simply follow the prompts.
  9. Hit the PLACE ORDER button. Once you have done this, an ORDER CONFIRMATION will appear, informing you of your order and that all details will arrive at your email address.

Families needing to purchase a device, please do so before November 1, 2022. This assists our IT staff in having it ready for your child before school starts next year. When the device arrives, it will be configured and given to your child with a carry bag in Week 1, Term 1, 2023.

ALL orders placed after November 1 will not guarantee the delivery of your tablet before the start of TERM 1. We appreciate your patience as our IT Department allocate resources and time to configure all LATE TABLET ORDERS.

These devices are not an optional extra. They are something your child needs for school as soon as possible. If the online process of purchasing the devices creates difficulty, please let us know at the front office and we will do what we can to assist.

Thanks for your co-operation and we hope this information has been helpful.

Phil Gabrielson (Deputy for Students)

(Updated: September 2022)

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