About Emmanuel Christian Community School

Emmanuel Christian Community School is a ministry of the Girrawheen Baptist Church.

It grew out of the deep concerns that Christian parents had for the direction in which society was heading, the effect this was having on their children, and the desire to exercise their God given responsibility to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

In our school, Jesus Christ, is, in a real way, in control. He is the One to whom we look for guidance and help. Our aim is that each student should “Grow up into Christ” in all areas of his or her life. This means teaching and training students from a Christ focused viewpoint so that students see the world from a perspective that is truly Biblical.

Emmanuel Christian Community School aims to provide an education that stresses co-operation rather than competition, fostering the development of the gifts, skills and abilities of the students for the service of Jesus Christ in the Church and the wider community.

Teaching God’s Word to instil lifetime values in the lives of the children is an all important part of Emmanuel’s desire to nurture spiritual growth.

Our Vision 

Changing lives through Christ-centred education


Our Values

Community, Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Prayer & Service

Our Mission

To provide affordable, Christ-centred education that equips the next generation to know God and serve Him in the community.

The Statement of Faith

As a Christian Community School, we hold our Statement of Faith in high regard.

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General Structure of the School

This is best illustrated in the flowchart below, with the headship firmly established in Christ with each of the School’s department accountable to the Lord for the fulfilment of its own responsibilities.

The diagram shows three particular streams of responsibility – Educational, Administrative and Parent involvement.   In order for the School to achieve its aim, each stream must be fully supportive and understanding of the others.

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