Primary School (Casserley Campus)

There are some issues with traffic flow at our school, which cause safety problems for our families and our neighbours.

  • Using the drive through pick up, please come from the Northern end of Casserley Avenue, from the round-about on Girrawheen Avenue and turn left through the school gates.
  • If you park your car and walk to collect your children, please come from the Southern end of Casserley Avenue and turn right through the school gates.
  • When leaving car park, please give way to the pick-up traffic.

This will help with traffic and stop cars heading the wrong way on the road and breaking traffic laws around Casserley Campus.

  • As you exit the Casserley campus, please turn left unless you have High School children to pick up.

These changes to our driving habits, will help with the safety of our children and prevent traffic police patrols and fines in response to complaints from our neighbours.


Download: Traffic Flow Map Casserley Campus (pdf)

Secondary School (Salcott Campus)

  • All school traffic MUST enter Salcott Road North and turn LEFT through the school gate when picking.
  • All school traffic MUST turn LEFT onto Hainsworth Street as you exit the Salcott Campus
  • Obey instructions of staff on duty and strictly follow the signs placed on the entry gate of Salcott Campus.
  • Please DO NOT drop off children outside school grounds and allow them to walk across the car park

Download: Traffic Flow Map Salcott Campus (pdf)

Thanks so much for your cooperation.

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