Year 12 Ball

Emmanuel’s very first Year 12 Ball was held at AQWA on Friday 21 February 2020. Here are some comments and feedback from the students about the night.

The old cliché goes, “You’re Year 12 Ball will be a night you will always remember and cherish”, and this couldn’t be more true. My friends here at Emmanuel are my family, and at the conclusion of the ball, I felt as though everyone in our year group had been brought closer together. An already strong and beautiful bond became even more special. The night was an opportunity for us all to reflect on how special we are to one another, as we have shared these important years of growth and adolescence together.

Not only was it a night in which enabled us to grow as a cohort, but it was also a night of great fun and great food. There were many laughs, and many embarrassing photos taken. Speaking of embarrassing… there were also some very interesting dance moves performed. Who knew Mr. Hayward could dance?

Congratulations to the Beau and Belle of the Ball, Nic and Bitjuak. You guys looked absolutely amazing. Also, a huge shoutout to the ‘Life of the Party recipient, Sarah, and our ‘Best Dancer’, Victoria. You guys rocked!

On behalf of the Year 12’s of 2020, I would like to thank the staff, particularly Miss Pegrum, for organising such an incredible night for us all. Your work and your effort did not go unnoticed, and we are so grateful for you all.

– Boston Fitch


On Friday the 21st of February, we had our year 12 ball. Emmanuel’s first school ball. And it was definitely a night to remember. Being help at AQWA, we were taken through the underwater tunnel for pre drinks and walked through the AQWA complex. With the whole AQWA facility to ourselves we enjoyed looking at the fish and marine life before the ball began. We were then let into the beautifully decorated function room where our fun night would begin. We were served a delicious three course meal, which didn’t last long on our plates and danced the night away to the groovy music played by the DJ. Both teachers and students spent the majority of our time on the dance floor, where the teachers definitely showed the students ‘how it was done’. The whole night was amazing and a beautiful way to celebrate our last year of high school with our friends and teachers.

– Delene Manuel


The first ECCS ball was a really great night and heaps of fun. It was so exciting to see everyone all dressed up for the occasion and looking fancy. The venue was awesome with a cracking view of the ocean and the sunset, and the tour of Aqua beforehand was also cool seeing all the animals.

Highlights of the night were definitely getting all the teachers up dancing, Mr Bruce’s moves and someone’s phone ringing in the middle of Mr Harris’s inspirational speech. Thank you Miss P for organising it!

– Abi Davies


The year 12 ball was an absolute blast. The whole night was filled with laughter, fun and pure excitement, it was hard not to have a good time. With the ball being at AQWA, we were given the opportunity to look through the building. It was fun and quite relaxing being able to walk through AQWA, just spending time with friends while looking at the various fish and creatures on display. After walking through AQWA, we were let into the function room where our night really began. The music was loud, but the shouting voices were even louder as we chanted to our favourite songs. Even the teachers joined us on the dance floor. We ate, drank and enjoyed a fun night with our friends and teachers, celebrating what would be our last year of school. The ball was definitely a highlight of high school, where a lot of memories were made that we’ll never forget.

– Nicholas Borbil


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