Cyber safety: A Holistic Approach

The internet has a major impact upon on our day-to-day living. It can be a very useful tool and it can also be an intrusive and unhealthy environment with serious social, mental health and safety implications (e.g. bullying, pornography, adverse effects on cognitive functions, on-line predators, etc).

Remaining constantly aware of everything children and students are doing online can be very time consuming and overwhelming for parents. However, we need to remember that our children are still learning and maturing in character formation and making good life decisions. They may also not always be prepared to spot the risks and pitfalls of being constantly online.

At ECCS we are aware of both the benefits and dangers which come from allowing students to access the internet. We want to empower staff and parents to prepare our students to use the internet in a responsible and safe way.

This requires a certain amount of expertise so we have teamed up with Family Zone because we believe Family Zone offers the school and parents a cyber-safety solution.

Our planned approach with Family Zone is to address the matter of cyber safety in a holistic manner.

This means avoiding the extremes of a ‘big brother’ approach on the one hand and an ‘anything goes’ approach on the other.

It is our intention to address the question of student internet safety and abuse by:

  • The perspective of character formation and culture. We must instil the virtues needed to promote a safe, Godly, truth seeking, educationally focussed, internet culture in our school community
  • The need to put in place safe guards and restrictions. We acknowledge the dangers of the insidious aspects of the internet. It is our loving responsibility to place boundaries for the protection, wellbeing and flourishing of young minds and hearts.
  • The willingness to follow through with serious consequences for any breach of agreed protocols and fair usage policies. The school requires accountability and affirms that, as with our Heavenly Father (Hebrews 12), discipline and Godly admonition are necessary expressions of love.

I hope this gives you some understanding of how we plan to deal with the concerns associated with the internet and cyber safety at ECCS.


To keep your children safe online

We want to ensure that all students at Emmanuel are protected on the internet, on every device and on every network.  To achieve this, we have recently partnered with the leading Cyber Safety company FAMILY ZONE so that we can protect the device of every student.


What is Family Zone?

At Emmanuel Christian Community School we want to ensure that all students are fully protected online, both at home and while at school, so we are partnering with the leading cyber safety technology company Family Zone.

With Family Zone, children won’t miss out on the online fun and learning that’s so much a part of their lives; they will simply be shielded from risks and potential harm. With strong yet flexible parental controls, Family Zone allows parents to:

  • Manage screen-time
  • Block adult content
  • Limit social media
  • Have unfiltered parent access
  • Limit online gaming
  • Track all smart devices
  • Manage in-app purchases
  • Set bed and study times, and many more…

Visit the ECCS Cyber Safety Hub page for more information.


How Much Does It Cost?

Program is installed on the student’s school laptop for free of charge. If you wish to install it on your home devices, it will costs $20 to each family, as the school has subsidised the majority of the cost, students can be protected at school and home.


Link for Parent Signup

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Want More Info?

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